Conceived, commissioned and edited Medium’s month-long special, reported anthology on “Power.” Stories delved into the #metoo movement and the implications of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Mike Pence’s “Invisible Power,” Nancy Pelosi's “Money Machine” and the campaign diary of a first-time Latina candidate running for Congress on the border in Texas, among others.

A Poem for an Unjust World

Poet Aja Monet on Audre Lorde’s “Power," with an illustration from Suhad Khatib

A Religious Leader for the Resisterhood

An Evangelical Texan is now using her pulpit to fight Trumpism. Will her flock follow?

Meet Mike Pence, the GOP’s Cash Machine

A month on the donor circuit with the vice president

Can the Tech Industry Do What the Dems Can’t?

Democrats are notoriously bad at turning out for midterm elections. Silicon Valley is directing money and muscle to finding solutions outside the party structure.

What It’s Like Being a Latina Running for Congress in 2018

An anonymous candidate on spending her days smiling as her opponents insult her heritage and mortify her mother

The Irresistible, Ineffable, Occasionally Exhausting Power of Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been absolutely everywhere this fall. But the big question remains: Will he run?

Jeff Flake’s Future Is Very, Very Complicated

He made a name for himself as a thorn in Trump’s side. But will he really break from the party line?

The Roe War Rooms

Kavanaugh’s confirmation set the tables for an epic clash over abortion. Here’s how it could play out.

Jennifer Koons, Global Storyteller

Jennifer Koons is the author of STATESWOMEN, coming in 2022. She writes about diplomacy for the Atlantic and other publications.
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